Can Xamo


to present.

Architecturally, Can Xamo is as close to an old farmhouse as a new build can get. The line drawing on the opposite page is of the Blakstad family home, purchased in 1969, upon which the design for Can Xamo is based. You can see the correlation between the two despite the many decades that sepa-rate their construction.

The entire property, located near San Lorenzo, is imbued with the island’s history but is distinguished from tradition by ultra-modern finishes and decor.

The layout of Can Xamo is archetypal and its entryway traditional. Micro-cement flooring throughout has been polished to a high shine, wall pockets conceal doors and the interiors sway across a palette of pale greys and whites with an unassum-ing elegance.

The addition of a guest toilet disguised as a bread oven and a mock well housing the pool system provides the finishing touches to this design fairy tale.