Casa Masia



The old farmhouses of Ibiza were frequently updated, reformed and renovated. This makes it difficult to put a date on many of these ancient homes, but there’s little doubt the bones of Can Masia are at least a few hundred years old.

Unusually, this finca has a double porxo – the main room of an old farmhouse, used as both the dining hall and workshop.

A space of this size indicates the farm was substantial and very fertile, requiring ex-tra room for the people living and working there as well as sufficient storage for the tools of their trades.

Unique Elements

The supporting pillar in the centre of the room is particularly ornate. Hand-carved from a single piece of granite, it would have required the employment of a stone-mason – another indication of the farm’s prosperity.

The layout of the home was retained and the original features carefully integrated to fit a modern lifestyle. To keep the ambience true to history, the pool was placed deep into the garden so that the approach to the house remained just as it had been for the last few centuries