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Blakstad Design Consultants fuse the fundamentals of traditional Ibiza architecture with contemporary functionality, form and style. A deep respect for Ibiza’s unique architectural heritage forms the basis of a Blakstad project while new technologies, materials and cutting-edge design creates stunning luxury villas across the Balearic Islands, mainland Spain and internationally. In the lexicon of Ibiza architecture, the phrase ‘a Blakstad house’ has become shorthand for beauty and quality, carrying a prestige based on excellence and experience.

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The fusion of Ibizan traditions with function, form and luxurious style is the hallmark of a Blakstad project. Dedicated to conserving the cultural significance of the island in today’s contemporary architecture, the distinctive Blakstad style translates across cultures and landscapes the world over.

The Blakstad Design Consultants studio contains a wealth of expertise garnered over decades of experience. Discover the signature elements of our projects, the traditions and customs related to Ibiza architecture and building and meet key members of the Blakstad team.

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Founder Rolph Blakstad relocated to Ibiza from Canada in 1956 after studying art and architecture in Florence and working as a documentary filmmaker. A visit to Morocco led him to investigate the history of architecture in Ibiza culminating in the establishment of Blakstad Design Consultants in 1967.

We conceive our projects as a whole. The interrelation of interior and exterior spaces are considered, along with how to fully integrate the house into the surrounding landscape.

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Blakstad Design Consultants is a family run business with a growing team of architects and designers, humbly boasting a portfolio brimming with exquisite villas located around the globe – all based on the unique heritage of Ibiza architecture and design.


A small library of Blakstad Ibiza publications, spearheaded by Rolph Blakstad’s seminal book La Casa Eivissenca / The Ibiza House (1996).

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