Es Curralasus de Baix



This house was originally designed for a different location but ended up putting down roots between Santa Gertrudis and Cana Negreta. Located near a dry riv-erbed encircled by farmland, the peacefulness of the surrounds matches the clean lines of the contemporary interiors.

Living in and out!

The communal spaces in the original design were oversized, with ceiling heights reaching over five metres. The new design lowered the height slightly to encourage cosiness while narrow skylights direct the sun’s rays into the interior.

From the exterior, angles are decisive and sharp – in keeping with the immaculately designed decor. Floors are pale in colour but slightly textured to replicate the feel-ing of pounded earth while custom-made wooden finishes and niche shelving touch on the traditions of the past. Each area and object has its place and purpose. Much like the old farmhouse style, nothing is superfluous.