Casa Enchanted



Can Marines sits just off the road to the famous Benirrás beach in Ibiza’s north. Da-ting back hundreds of years, the house has undergone countless renovations and remodellings throughout its lifetime.

When it came to Blakstad, the first item on the agenda was to enlarge the living spaces as the original farmhouse was quite small.

The positioning affords breathtaking vistas across the valley to the west and north, which necessitated opening the living area on three sides to take full advantage.

An oasis in itself

An inner courtyard – reminiscent of both Moorish and Roman design – acts as a nexus to the bedrooms and kitchen.

The pool is set away from the house and furnished with extensive outdoor enter-taining areas: a full kitchen, dining space and lounge settings. This is where most of the summer days and nights are spent, almost like a secondary home within nature, leaving the main house as a sanctuary for the cooler months.