Can Cardona



This new build, located near Aguas Blancas, shows off the cubic shapes of the lo-cal architecture. If you look from above, many fincas appear to be like children’s building blocks, each cube fitting into the other.
At Can Cardona, these cubes are supported by sloping battered walls once used to structurally reduce weight; nowadays it’s an aesthetic choice and combined with softened edges, allows the house to settle comfortably within its lush, green sur-rounds as if it had been there for hundreds of years.

High ceilings, skylights, pale elmwood beams and modern finishes transport the design into contemporary living. Energy efficiency was always a feature of the local architecture and although our current needs and lifestyles differ, the concept re-mains unchanged.

Here, the fireplace is open on two sides and shares its comfort-ing heat across both the living and dining rooms. Finding the most practical way to heat and cool the home is essential, more now than ever.