Can Armat



Located between Santa Gertrudis and San Rafael, this historical farmhouse is quite the enigma. Typical of its time, its large size indicates it was once owned by a pros-perous farming family. Several peculiar elements distinguish Can Armat from other old fincas in the area.

There’s a sandstone pillar in what is now the living room, the wood capital branded with the date 1700.
The pillar’s presence is an architectural mystery – its origin un-known, its design unusual and its date-stamp long past the time of building.

In an upper room now used as a study, a small hole in the wall looks down over the entranceway, wide enough to shoot a crossbow or in later years, a shotgun. The property is named Can Armat after all, which means armed in Catalan.

Perhaps it once housed weapons or was an emergency storehouse for food in times of crisis. The architectural significance of this house required a carefully considered refur-bishment. Santanyí sandstone floors were installed, recalling the past, and the rela-tively new ceiling beams were painted white to provide a lightness otherwise miss-ing.