Can Baladre, Sabina Estates



Can Baladre is located within the exquisite Sabina Ibiza, a luxurious enclave of high-design homes on Ibiza’s west coast. The layout of this villa is based around a series of pavilions with living quarters in the centre and bedrooms situated in wings.

The modernised portal de feixa entrance and inner courtyard contain echoes of the past, yet the oversized limestone paving tiles crisscrossed with stripes of bright green grass lend a pleasing geometry reminiscent of Mondrian.

Twin water features on either side of the patio are surrounded by Seville orange trees, whose springtime blossoms send sweet scents on the breeze.

An oasis in an oasis!

Inside, each room flows into the next – harmoniously connecting the various living areas. Finishes are contemporary and reflect the colours and textures of Ibiza.

Oversized skylights flood the spaces with sunlight and a voluptuously curved stair-case leads down to the lower levels where the library, spa, hammam and enter-tainment rooms await. As time goes on, the crimson bougainvillaea on the pool pa-tio will wind its way through the wood pergolas and provide colourful shade on hot summer days.

Feel all elements
around you!