A Caribbean Love Story


Blakstad infused with a tropical twist

Our design adds a new chapter to this narrative, showcasing the adaptability of the Blakstad signature style.

Navigating Curaçao's strict regulations, our team collaborated closely with a local architect. The design incorporates peaked roofs adorned with traditional Spanish clay barrel tiles, harmonizing with neighboring properties. The tiles' earthy tones shimmer in the sun, evoking Hacienda aesthetics and beautifully contrasting with the lush greenery and azure sea.

The villa presents two faces, with an oversized front door accessed via a charming patio and the back overlooking the pool, offering sweeping sea views. With the owner's penchant for water activities, a private dock for their boat was a natural inclusion. The house blurs the lines between entrances, allowing one to choose based on daily plans and transportation.

In keeping with Blakstad's design philosophy, climate played a pivotal role. Curaçao's dry heat allowed for an open and interconnected layout, enhancing the indoor-outdoor experience. Glass panels, though used strategically, were often unnecessary due to the consistent temperature and cooling sea breeze.

Wood decking surrounds the pool, crowned by a spacious covered porch extending from the living area. The pool seamlessly merges with the dock, where a speedboat awaits adventure. Pergola-covered lounging and dining areas offer uninterrupted views and a respite amid tropical gardens.

The exterior and interior walls feature a delightful light coral hue, derived from the island's sandy soil. Embracing local materials remains a cornerstone of Blakstad's ethos. Additionally, our bespoke cabinetry, with hand-forged bolts inspired by typical Ibicencan design, graces the interior spaces, winning the owner's heart.

Blending styles

As our studio extends its reach to distant and exotic locales, the enduring appeal of Ibizan design, integral to the Blakstad identity, becomes evident.

This reaffirms the timeless value of good, simple, and well-crafted architecture, a legacy passed down from the original architects of Ibiza.