Can Olives



A full archaeological study is a prerequisite to any refurbishment of an old farm-house, ensuring the island’s cultural heritage is preserved and honoured in the fin-ished product. The results of one such study showed that Cas Olives has an archi-tectural DNA dating back over 800 years, with some interesting bypasses through the 1980s.

It’s hard to tell which parts are original and which parts were replaced or reused in renovations because just like today, our forebearers recycled their building materi-als. Suffice to say, this house has had many lives.

Interestingly, as the plans for refurbishment were developing, the owners became more and more enamoured with achieving a rustic, traditional style. Rotting roof beams were replaced with reclaimed woods, as were the herringbone terracotta tiles.

The out-of-place fixtures added in the 1980s were redesigned to align with the villa’s heritage and the result is a sensitive melding of eras that beautifully capture the essence of Ibiza’s history.