Can Nemo



Can Nemo opens like a secret treasure in the hills of Cap Martinet. Concealed be-hind a suburban setting, it’s a home that induces awe as its beauty is revealed.
It was once a New Mexico style adobe house, painted an unbecoming shade of peach, overgrown with recalcitrant palms and weeds – completely closed off to the magnificent views to Formentera.

Now the gardens are crowned by a stunning staircase leading to the pool and man-icured lawns that complement the glistening sea and endless sky.

The new owners worked closely with the Blakstad team, engaging in every aspect of the villa’s transformation. The result sees traditional motifs subverted to meet their exacting contemporary tastes.

Limestone floors, wood finishes and exposed beams all speak to the past yet the beams are stained dark, the fixtures are ultra-modern and made to specification – even the locks on the doors were carefully selected to match the overall style.

Aesthetic of the past

This project is the culmination of centuries of architectural development, showing how the knowledge and aesthetic of the past informs and directs current trends.

Heaven is
a place....