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The fusion of Ibizan traditions with function, form, and taste is the hallmark of a Blakstad project, dedicated to conserve the cultural significance of the island in today’s architecture. We specialise in design based on historical Mediterranean, primarily Ibizan, architecture, combining style and building techniques to suit contemporary lifestyles. From the sourcing and acquisition of your desired Ibiza property to the architectural and interior design, planning, building, garden design and landscaping; we manage one or all of these elements, taking into account the unique requirements and economic basis of each project.

The Phoenician Art

We conceive our projects as a whole. The interrelation of interior and exterior spaces are considered, along with how to fully integrate the house into the surrounding landscape. There must be harmony between the two without losing the essence of the architecture, or compromising the beauty of the land.  We continue to use the knowledge of lessons learned over thousands of years in an effort to keep a millennial tradition alive. There is something very special about the old farmhouses and we must always respect that.