Sol de Mencia


Homage to history.

Perched on a pine-covered hilltop between Santa Eulalia and Cala Llonga, this home required a complete refurbishment to take it out of the 1980s and into the present day while retaining a traditional silhouette.

The gentleness of the countryside infuses the ambience, starting with a quaint wooden gate at the entrance opening onto a flagstone courtyard.

The sightlines remember the classic shapes of Ibiza’s architecture – cubic and an-gled, with views framed through successive spaces.

Combining architecture

A tower was leftover from the original design and enlarged to house a circular din-ing area that overlooks the swimming pool.

Built-in sofas, niche shelving and a large hooded fireplace hark back to days of old while expansive picture windows sliding into pockets, skylights and micro-cement floors place this home in the now. The clean, simple lines of Can Sol de Mencia create a calming and meditative at-mosphere. Personalised touches and hints of bright colour encourage a relaxed cosin

A tribute
to Ibiza.