Can Pep Caliu


into peace.

Located near Santa Eulalia, this new build is situated on a plot sloped on two sides. The clients wanted a U-shaped house with a central courtyard, creating a perplex-ing design challenge. Each room had to be on a different level, with sets of steps descending into the consecutive spaces to maximise the project’s allowed perime-ters. The challenge supplied by the sloping plot ignited an unusual interior geome-try, resulting in a beautiful and immensely comfortable home.

There is room for the eye to roam due to uncommon sightlines and distinctive fram-ing. Light streaming down from skylights not only illuminates the spaces but also creates an inventive depth of field. The sun becomes a living artwork, projecting its ever-shifting shapes on the walls and floors.

Finishes are left simple, an aesthetic gleaned from the humble lifestyle of the island’s ancestors. Untreated woods, poured concrete, a pale colour palette and natural fibres allow the gentle character of the architecture to shine.

An airy space
full of light - connected to the surroundings.

Revalue historical building