As the sun bathes Ibiza in its golden embrace, gardens take centre stage among the ebb and flow of daily life. Whether it’s savouring an early morning coffee on a sun-dappled patio, engaging in a game of petanque on a warm afternoon, hosting a lively pool party, or indulging in a leisurely starlit dinner, for villa owners, the garden is the hub of Mediterranean summer activity. Amid delicate hues, aromatic herbs and water-wise greenery, a symphony of serenity and beauty unfolds – a place where families and friends can gather to relish the magic of island living.

Garden design is an important element of the overall architecture of any structure – especially a home. At Blakstad, the garden and surrounding landscape is considered from the first moment, requiring as much attention as any edifice. A quintessential Ibiza garden celebrates the abundance of native flora that flourishes under the sun-soaked climate. Noble olive trees indigenous to the region grace the land with timeless elegance and silver-green foliage.

Fragrant lavender offers a sensory escape, while bougainvillea cascades over walls and trellises in a kaleidoscope of pinks, purples, and whites. Lemon, grapefruit, and orange trees deliver both juicy fruits and delicately perfumed blossoms, alongside the tender sweetness of apricots and peaches. Resilient rosemary and thyme, celebrated for their culinary and aromatic qualities, sprawl across the earth, seamlessly intertwining with the dusty blues of agapanthus, the vibrant reds of geranium and the graceful sway of wild grasses.

In the face of increasing shortages across the island, crafting a water-wise garden is essential, so the fantasy of a quintessentially English lawn must yield to the various attractive alternatives available. Mediterranean ground cover plants — hardy and enduring — become nature’s living carpet. The silver leaves of lamb’s ear, catching the sunlight like glistening dewdrops, and aromatic thyme, releasing its fragrant essence with every step, form a dynamic canvas on the soil’s surface.

Creeping rosemary, with its pretty purple flowers, gracefully descends steps and walls, while the papery yellow petal of rockrose punctuates the landscape with bursts of sparkling colour. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these ground cover plants possess the unique ability to thrive in the Mediterranean climate with minimal care, offering the dual benefit of enhancing the beauty of outdoor spaces while conserving water and resources.

Selecting native and drought-resistant species is pivotal to aligning with the island’s agricultural heritage and local environment. Collaborating with a gardener well-versed in the latest water-saving technologies will help develop a mixed solution designed for your garden’s specific requirements, such as advanced mulching materials for moisture protection, moisture-absorbing crystals for gradual water release, and water-retaining granules – these tiny marvels swell with hydration, creating an optimal environment for plant growth. This fusion of innovation and nature ensures that our gardens are both sustainable and responsive to the island’s unique needs.

A sun-kissed Ibiza garden extends a compelling invitation to embrace the Mediterranean spirit and appreciate the natural beauty of Ibiza. The act of curating a garden that embodies the island’s essence through thoughtful choices, mindful water stewardship, and the nurturing of the soil’s delicate ecosystem, results in an oasis of tranquillity and beauty that transcends the ephemeral summer season to create beautiful memories all year long.