Nestled in flat farmland near the historic hamlet of San Lorenzo in Ibiza’s northern reaches, Can Xamo is a testament to the enduring appeal of traditional Ibiza architecture. This new-build project was designed in close collaboration with the owners as a year-round home. As seasoned globetrotters, they sought a finca that reflected their deep admiration for the island’s heritage yet remained an effortless sanctuary for easy departures and welcoming returns. With that in mind, the Blakstad team recreated the conventional farmhouse, with maximum ease, comfort and luxury in mind.

The interior spaces, designed by AzulTierra in Barcelona, are light and airy, with a colour palette that harmonises soft greys, whites and gentle wood tones. Antique furnishings dot the rooms, infusing rustic charm with luxurious comfort, and Blakstad’s signature bespoke carpentry — finished with hand-forged bolts, handles and hinges — echoes the history of the island. Niche shelving evokes tradition, while polished cement floors resonate with modern elegance. Encircled by the open expanse of fields, the architectural shapes of the built spaces lean heavily on techniques forged in the past.

Rejecting the concept of a garden, the owners hoped to evoke the sensation of dwelling within farmland. The surrounding land is planted with wheat and ploughed yearly, resulting in an evolving landscape that glows golden in the summer and gives way to ploughed red earth after the early autumn rains. Wildflowers bloom in vibrant sprays of bright yellows, blues and whites, and once a year, the estate is scattered with the scarlet flash of wild poppies.

The elongated pool stretches from a covered porch furnished with plush sofas, deep into the expanse of farmland. Purposefully constructed to cater to various seasons, the house features distinct corners that welcome both shade and sunlight – cute patios, shaded porches and comfy terraces are positioned to make use of the sunshine all year round.

Can Xamo embodies a romantic farmhouse style, with a symphony of elements meticulously orchestrated to celebrate both tradition and modernity. It is a testament to reverence for the land and its unique history — a cherished story etched into the fabric of its walls.