Can Trull


Colour, shape,
shadows and light.

Can Trull sits amongst the pine trees in Ibiza’s rugged north, with views that stretch across forested hills to reveal the deepest blues of the Mediterranean Sea.

Cross-seasonal living was the guiding design principle alongside showcasing the sunset views and capturing maximum light.

The challenge in this design was harnessing sunlight and vistas on a north-facing plot.

(English) A harmonious flow...

The layout is lateral with one zone leading to the next, each allowing the full force of the winter sun to permeate the spaces while ensuring airflow in the warmer months. An internal courtyard resplendent with a blossoming lily pond faces north, inviting the sun’s rays to gently warm the living area.

To the north of this calming space is a shallow terrace with a wood pergola that lets the sun flood into the house and the views take centre stage. Can Trull possesses a harmonious flow, linking light-filled spaces with more intimate and cosy areas for comfortable year-round living.

A window within a window!