Meet the team: Alberto Bodí Doménech – Architect

Hailing from Castellon de la Plana, Alberto Bodí is one of the newest members of the Blakstad team, joining us in early 2019. Alberto knew from a young age that he would pursue a career in architecture, having been fascinated with design for as long as he can remember. Stints in London working for some of the top architectural firms, such as Chapman Worth and AR Architecture, sealed his fate. He’s already an integral part of the Blakstad architectural team, showing a deep passion for the island and its architectural heritage.

How did you decide on architecture as a career?

I come from a family of builders and I grew up learning about the profession. I was always really interested in how they took what was on paper and made it into something real. When I left school, I went to the International University of Catalonia in Barcelona and then after that, I headed to London to work.

What was working life like in London?

In London, the work is very delineated. You work on your section of a project and then may not see the end result. The projects can be enormous. Here, it’s a lot more collaborative – the process involves everyone and you get to experience it from start to finish. We’re also designing family homes whereas in London, a lot of the projects are based on maximising the investment and not on personal taste.

How did you come to work at Blakstad Design Consultants?

I’d been coming to Ibiza for a long time with my partner, we were visiting every year. In 2018, we decided to move here permanently. I had heard about Blakstad, of course. Then I met someone who worked here and he told me a little bit more about the practice, so I came by the office one day…

Did you get the job straight away?

No! But I was really determined so I kept stopping by. I hadn’t been in Ibiza for very long at that point but I was really clear about it. I’d read Rolph’s book [La Casa Eivissenca] and I’d been studying the local architecture very closely for a really long time. Eventually, they offered me a position.

What draws you to the Blakstad style?

I love how traditional themes are incorporated with modern design. Architecture in Ibiza is based on the landscape around it. There’s real respect for the land in the Blakstad style. You don’t get that in an urban location where the plots are very uniform.

Describe an average day.

A big part of my job is to pave the way between all the different parties involved. The communication between us, the client and the authorising bodies must be very clear and understood, so that we can take the project from the computer screen into real life.

What is the most gratifying part of your work?

I just secured all the licences for a private home. It was quite complicated and it’s been really satisfying to visit the site now and see the excavators starting work. This is something I never had the chance to do in London.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

It’s a challenge to juggle all the necessities but it’s very gratifying too. What makes it so much easier is the way the whole team collaborates. Some days, the biggest challenge is figuring out the coffee machine! Everything after that is more exciting than a challenge.

If you could go anywhere in the world to look at architecture, where would it be?

I have trips planned to go to Italy to see all those classic buildings and structures and also the Netherlands. I’m really looking forward to finding out more about the design traditions there.

© Copyright – Blakstad Ibiza | Photos: Conrad White

© Copyright – Blakstad Ibiza | Photos: Conrad White